International cooperation with Køge

To organisations interested in a Danish municipality as a strategic partner or project partner

Mand og kvinde kigger på landkort

The Municipality of Køge is located 40 kilometres south of Copenhagen and has about 60.000 inhabitants. The Mayor of Køge is Marie Stærke from the Social Democrats and the Municipal Council of Køge has 27 members.

The Municipality is an integrated part of the Greater Copenhagen area, but it also has its own identity. The Municipality of Køge is developing into a regional growth centre with many exciting projects; the building of a new hospital, the development of a new housing area in Køge Kyst (the harbour area), a new railway and train station, Campus Køge and the business park Scandinavian Transport Centre just to name a few.

The Municipality of Køge is very interested in developing projects with partners from other countries.